Jim D’Addario Defends His Support Of COICA & Domain Seizures | Techdirt.

I recently posted the list of companies that signed a letter addressed to Attorney General Eric Holder and DHS’ ICE boss John Morton, supporting the seizure of domain names that the government believes are involved with copyright or trademark infringement. This included support for both the ongoing “Operation in Our Sites” program by ICE and for the proposed COICA bill which would extend the power of the government to seize domains prior to any adversarial hearings or trials. That list has kicked off some interesting discussions, but Jim D’Addario, the CEO of D’Addario and Company, famous makers of guitar strings, stopped by in the comments to defend his decision to sign onto the list. A few folks asked me to respond, and I figured it would be best to do so in a new post. First, I’ll repost what D’Addario said, and then respond: