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US anti-piracy body targets foreign website owners for extradition | Technology | The Guardian.

Britons could face charges for breaking US copyrights even if they have no link to America and servers are based elsewhere


Coilhouse » Blog Archive » Duchamp-Inspired Urinal Dress by The Rodnik Band.

Just what you’ve always wanted: a sequined urinal dress fashioned after Duchamp’s Fountain.

Copyright laws prevents release of historic jazz recordings – Boing Boing.

In the 1930s an audio engineer named William Savory (above) made a lot of high-quality recordings of live jazz performances of Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Teddy Wilson, Lester Young, Bunny Berigan, Coleman Hawkins and others. The National Jazz Museum in Harlem acquired the collection after Savory died.


Sound & Fury » Nadia Plesner’s day in court.

Nadia Plesner, the Danish artist, who has been suedtwice by Louis Vuitton has had her day in court at The Hague.


UK Music Publishers Issue DMCA Takedown On Public Domain Sheet Music | Techdirt.

It was just a few months ago that we noted how music publishers were annoyed at the International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP), which has aggregated music scores of public domain music. We noted that it occasionally received copyright threats, and now it’s received another one. The UK Music Publisher’s Association (note: not a specific publisher) issued a DMCA takedown over some public domain music (Rachmaninoff’s The Bells), and GoDaddy (as it seems to regularly do) took down the site. Nice of them.


Fildeling – Avviser piratfilter – : Juss & samfunn.

Bredbåndsleverandører kan ikke tvinges til å filtrere kundenes trafikk for å stanse ulovlig fildeling, heter det i en uttalelse fra EU-domstolens generaladvokat.


Vil ha retten til 22 utsagn – Kultur-og-underholdning – NRK.

Charlie Sheen søker det amerikanske patentkontoret om enerett til utsagn som “Duh, Winning” og “Torpedo of Truth”.


Copyright outfit goes nuts in the Netherlands – Wants to charge truck drivers for listening to the radio | TechEye.

Wants to charge truck drivers for listening to the radio

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Dommer avviste «absurd» søksmål fra platebransjen – Kultur-og-underholdning – NRK.

Dommeren synes det ble i overkant mye å saksøke fildelingstjenesten Limewire for dollar.


Manhattan Federal Judge Kimba Wood Calls Record Companies’ Request for $75 Trillion in Damages ‘Absurd’ in Lime Wire Copyright Case.

Does $75 trillion even exist? The thirteen record companies that are suing file-sharing company Lime Wire for copyright infringement certainly thought so. When they won a summary judgment ruling last May they demanded damages that could reach this mind-boggling amount, which is more than five times the national debt.