Arkiv for March 23rd, 2011

China Tightens Electronic Censorship –

BEIJING — If anyone wonders whether the Chinese government has tightened its grip on electronic communications since protests began engulfing the Arab world, Shakespeare may prove instructive.


Libel Tourism in Britain, R.I.P.? –

The British government is, at last, moving to reform the country’s notorious libel law, which has long made London a magnet for frivolous lawsuits. The reform proposal presented to Parliament last week by Kenneth Clarke, the justice secretary, is far from perfect but represents a reasonable first effort to change a law regarded as so unfair that it has been condemned by the United Nations. Last summer, President Obama signed a bill blocking enforcement of British libel judgments in American courts.


Cycling initiatives in Copenhagen go the distance | Culture & Lifestyle | Deutsche Welle | 23.03.2011.

Aiming to increase its rate of biking commuters while gearing up the city’s infrastructure, Copenhagen is paving the way for the most creative innovations in cycling across Europe.