Arkiv for January 15th, 2011

Har Wikileaks veltet sin første diktator? – Nyheter – Wikileaks –

En Wikileaks-lekkasje om korrupsjon i presidentens familie kan ha bidratt til å tvinge Tunisias president på flukt. Facebook og Twitter får også sin del av æren.


Lagde “ulovlig” bokoppfølger – Kultur-og-underholdning – NRK.

Jeg har aldri hatt noe særlig respekt for gamle ting, sier den svenske forfatteren av den kontroversielle oppfølgeren til en gammel klassiker.


Dire Straits’ ‘Money for Nothing’ Banned in Canada | Rolling Stone Music.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has ruled that “Money for Nothing,” a Dire Straits hit from 1985, is too offensive for Canadian airwaves. The song is being singled out for the repeated use of an anti-gay slur — “that little faggot” — in its second verse.


Tunisia riots blamed on cables which revealed country’s corruption dubbed First Wikileaks Revolution | Mail Online.

  • President Ben Ali goes into exile after 23 years in power
  • Published US Embassy cables likened President’s family to a Mafia elite
  • Department of State issues travel alert to avoid the north African country
  • Riots have claimed 23 lives so far this week
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    Swiss banker who helped WikiLeaks faces trial – Yahoo! News.

    Secrecy is the problem, not leakers – Opinion – The Sofia Echo.

    WikiLeaks is now at the centre of a global battle between media and those in power but what’s new about what Julian Assange is doing? WikiLeaks is much more than just another journalistic scandal, it is a challenge to the way that power and news media operate in the Internet Age.