Arkiv for January 7th, 2011

Copy some webpages, owe more than the national debt.

The Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine” is a set of snapshots of the Web over time. It’s a wonderful way to delve into the past (see Ars in its 1999 black-and-green glory to learn why “ERD Commander turns me on”), but it’s only possible thanks to rampant copying—and the potential copyright infringement that goes along with such copies. Thanks to US law, a successful copyright suit against the Wayback Machine could put the nonprofit Internet Archive on the hook for up to $150,000 per infringement.

The European Council on Foreign Relations | Hungary and press freedom: A good start to 2011 for the EU?.

Normally one EU Presidency passes onto the next with very little excitement, especially now that the Lisbon Treaty has entered into force and presidencies have even less of an agenda-setting role.

But the start of the Hungarian Presidency has sparked a bit more interest because of the attention it has focused on contentious new legislation that places ill-defined restrictions on the country’s media. The sudden influx of interest in Hungarian domestic affairs is most uncomfortable for Orbán’s government, which was hoping to create a much more positive impression with its presidency. Germany, France, the OSCE and the European Parliament have all called for the legislation to be amended, and Barroso is expected to raise similar concerns in his meeting with Orbán today.


Music Pirate Argues That $67,500 Penalty Is Too Harsh – THR, Esq..

Joel Tenenbaum, who was found liable for copyright infringement for sharing 30 songs online, is asking an appeals court to consider the constitutionality of big damage awards in copyright cases.

In a brief to the First Circuit Court of Appeals filed on December 27, Tenenbaum argues there are “systemic problems that produce unconscionable awards” in copyright cases against accused file-sharers.


Cubas tobakkselskap saksøker klubbeier

Friday, 7th January, 2011

Cubas tobakkselskap saksøker klubbeier.

Cubanerne mener navnet La Casa De La Habana er for likt deres eget.

Aftenposten 7.01.2011

Irritert bilist dømt til fengsel – Stavanger Aftenblad.

Bilføreren (56) som bråbremset foran fire syklister som trente i Heigreveien, er dømt til fengsel i 21 dager.